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A Brief History


In 2003, pastors from 5 churches in Foresthill agreed to do something about the needs of the poor in our community. Each church contributed to the funding. In March of that year Elijah’s Jar opened. At first we served but a handful of families. 

In January 2005 we became a D.B.A. of Family Legacy Institute, Inc, thereby obtaining insurance under the F.L.I. umbrella and 501(c)3 non-profit status, which meant that we could issue tax receipts. This made it possible for people who did not attend one of these churches to more easily donate. 

In March of 2006, due to large rent increases, we were forced to move and our sister ministry, Bargains and Blessings, closed. Bargains and Blessings was a used clothing store with a voucher program for free clothes for the needy. Although the new facility was much smaller, Elijah’s Jar began to offer emergency clothes as well as food.

In October of 2008, we started distributing USDA Commodities as a separate program.

On January 22, 2010 a huge heritage oak came down with the weight of wet snow, crushing our building. But the tragedy turned out to be a blessing. We were immediately blessed by the I.O.O.F. with the building we now rent. The space is 3 times the size we were in and we are able to do a much better job of serving those who come for help - having a great deal more space for clothing.

Our first our annual Thanksgiving “Love“ dinner in 2005. We served about 50 meals the first year and in 2013 served a record breaking 150 meals, including delivery to the homebound. We have continued to serve 150+ meals each year.  Last year (2016) we were blessed with 38 volunteers that contributed a total of 222 hours work for the feast
2012 was a wonderful year - one of our highlights was the generous grant of a new refrigerator from the United Auburn Indian Community. This was just what we needed to satisfy the County Health requirements and to be able to take advantage of the produce offered to us each summer.

In March of 2013, soon after the new fridge was delivered, we discovered a desperate need for a replacement freezer. When we asked the great folks of Foresthill to help us “Spring for a Freezer”, we received all the funds we needed in just 6 weeks!
Although our food closet if small, we serve about 6% of the populous of the Foresthill Divide – a 6 community area in rural Northern Sierra Nevada foot hills. Our 2016 yearly service totals show 37,134 meals distributed to 1,451 cumulative families representing 3,722 people including 888 children, 766 seniors. Among the clients serve were 721 disabled persons.  Thirty-two percent of our families (475) include one or more children under 18.  We have seen 64 new families representing 140 people in the past year alone.